What is VisibleEP?

We develop educational tools to enhance learning of clinical electrophysiology through interactive modeling.

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Real-time simulation

Electrical Activity is ‘real’ not pre-recorded.

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Interactivity: Catheter Manipulation

Catheter positions are fully user controlled.

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Interactivity: Stimulation

Pacing via any electrode. Fully functional stimulator.

• Programmed stimulation
• Burst pacing
• Triggered stimulation

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Interactivity: Mapping & Ablation

In real-time - the model automatically modifies local tissue properties appropriately.

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Load Patients with unknown Arrhythmia substrates…

...or create your own

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Get in touch

Would you like to know more? Contact us below for more detailed information. VisibleEP was founded by Dr. Peter Spector.

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