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Interactive Software

VisibleEP promotes the study of electrophysiology in a fully user-controlled, interactive environment. Trainees can start with the fundamentals of propagation and work their way up to electro-anatomic mapping. Meanwhile, teachers can use VisibleEP’s built-in audio-visual tools to develop educational content to enhance their talks or educate their patients.

See the Rhythm – A Virtual EP Lab & Interactive Textbook
The interactive book combines educational content with detailed video illustrations, electrogram tracings and quizzes to test your knowledge. The virtual EP lab is seamlessly integrated and gives you the opportunity to practice EP at your own pace.

Load various Arrhythmias or Create your Own
You can choose from a wide variety of pathologic subtrates, but you will also have the ability edit tissue properties such as action potential shape, duration or restitution. Additionally, you can create customized catheters, using either point or cylindrical (finite element) electrodes.

Catheter Placement, Programmed Stimulation, Mapping & Ablation
Control the catheters position with the ease of a mouse click, deliver extrastimuli or create 3D electro-anatomic maps.